Plaza Ribeiro Telles is a multifaceted meeting and events center which sizes and configuration can be adapted to your needs. It is located in Vila Franca de Xira, 25 Km North of Lisbon, two steps away from the A1 highway; it’s on your way.

Joining together tradition and modernity, Plaza Ribeiro Telles offers rooms (as well as outdoor spaces) for all sorts of events: festive, promotional, family or professional, product presentations and many more.

Here at the Plaza Ribeiro Telles, we have a large parking capacity, quality outdoor areas and a good landscape setting, modern and well dimensioned service facilities which complement a set of rooms, patios and connecting gardens, in a sequence of spaces and with excellent accessibility. Everything has been designed according to your needs.

All this can work as a whole or separately with great plasticity, for your family, your company, your institutional or private partners, with the chosen dignity and apparatus, in a formal or informal atmosphere.

All the main areas at Plaza Ribeiro Telles are equipped with entrance halls (for receptions, coffee breaks, etc.), ample sanitary facilities and some even have adjoining working/meeting rooms, which further extends the scope of its use.

One of Plaza Ribeiro Telles conceptual goals was to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. All rooms have air conditioning, are isolated and sound-proof for surround sound. Sound comfort was a priority for us.

Where else would you find so much at your disposal? Come visit us, bring us your ideas, surprise us...