We welcoming you with our biggest smile, in an environment full of safety and comfort.

In line with the guidelines of the Portuguese Health Direction, our hygiene and cleaning processes have been strengthened. We are committed to ensuring compliance with our solutions, as we have a continuous focus on the health and safety of everyone.

Plaza Ribeiro Telles Events Center is the perfect place to hold your wedding, christening, business meeting and so many other types of events, both in outdoor and indoor spaces, since all of our environments have conditions that comply with safety standards. all who visit us.


We placed hand disinfection stations at all locations in our event space.


  • All detergents and disinfectants we use are certified by suppliers that we trust, and their instructions for use are followed.
  • We increased the frequency of cleaning all areas of our space, following all the recommendations of the Portuguese Health Direction
  • Our cleaning teams have been specifically trained to take the necessary preventive measures.


  • We conducted training on the new operational procedures for all teams, including the simulation of real emergency situations.
  • Our team respects the hand hygiene label, washing them correctly and frequently, as well as the rules of social distance.
  • All our employees wear a protective mask and have, as part of their uniforms, a bottle of alcohol gel.
  • All outsourced employees are trained on our internal operating procedures.


  • The capacity of our meeting rooms has been revised in order to guarantee safety distance.
  • Exclusive zones have been defined for the groups.
  • We use disposable stationary in the meeting rooms.
  • Stations with disinfectant solution are available inside all meeting rooms.
  • The meeting rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily, before and during breaks for coffee breaks and/or lunches/dinners, even when the occupants of the following day are the same.
  • All meeting rooms are ventilated, whenever possible, with natural ventilation, with all access to the outside.
  • We privilege that the entrance and exit of the rooms is made using different doors.
  • At meals, we encourage pre-selected menus and that they be made in shifts, avoiding clusters.
  • Distance measures in all areas for events, closed and open.
  • We have many options for activities, according to the necessary distance regulations.
  • We make Inspection visits by video call.
  • We enable the use of facilities for exhibition meetings and product launches and shows with direct transmission through videos.
  • We guarantee 24-hour vacations of the event rooms for airing them.


  • In our buffets you won't have to serve, we will always have someone from our team to do it for you.
  • We put our own signs, so that the distance is guaranteed.
  • Drinks will be served exclusively by our employees.
  • The products available to customers will be available in individual doses and in places with quick access, thus avoiding unnecessary crowds.


  • We focused on a healthier menu offer.
  • We support producers and the local economy.
  • All members of our team work in masks and gloves, following strict hygiene rules specific to working in the kitchen.
  • We have increased the frequency with which we clean the kitchen and record it.
  • There is no crossing between preparation stations, thus avoiding the possibility of cross contamination.
  • We disinfect all foods that are not cooked before they are prepared.
  • All products that come to us from suppliers are disinfected.
  • We only work with trusted suppliers who apply the safety and hygiene standards that we consider necessary.


  • We comply with our preventive maintenance plan on a daily basis.
  • We have increased the regularity with which we clean all Air Conditioning filters.
  • We apply an alcoholic solution to all surfaces (air conditioning outlets).
  • We always suggest the use of natural ventilation instead of A / C.
  • We increased the frequency of insufflation and air extraction in common areas and avoided the recirculation of air inside Plaza Ribeiro Telles.
  • If there is a need to perform maintenance inside the rooms, it will only be done when customers are not present.
  • Employees wear protective masks and gloves whenever they are in public areas or inside a room.
  • After any repair, the entire area is properly disinfected.