Madalena Ribeiro Telles

Plaza Ribeiro Telles

Chegaste Primavera das flores!
Primavera dos dias mais amenos, com mais horas de Luz até ao escurecer e vir a noite. 
Primavera a estação do meu coração, do meu nascimento, da minha ilusão e do meu atrevimento. 
A ti agradeço o que sou, de onde venho e para onde vou. 
Chegou por ora um turbilhão de mais de mil “ideias”,
difíceis, cruéis e más. 
Mas eu não quero desistir. 
Quero seguir.
Quero acreditar. 
De braço dado contigo Primavera, quero pensar que de entre tudo, 
o que mais vou gostar, 
é de abrir portas 
e voltar a trabalhar. 

Carla and Nuno


A memorable day and made to measure of what we idealized. Making our wedding party at Plaza Ribeiro Telles was one of the best decisions we made. The initial fear, normal of any grooms who want everything perfectly, gave way to a security that reassured us until the great day. Your firmness, openness and objectivity were very important to us, such as professionalism, serenity and sympathy. We thank the staff at our party. It was an important signal for us and the guarantee that everything would go well. And it did! And the decor was beautiful! The flowers, the centerpieces and many other details ... have created a fantastic atmosphere. The experience and the professionalism of the catering were decisive! The entrances, the coordination in the table service, the pace between the dishes and the presentation. The food was exactly as we had tasted it a few weeks before. The dessert was divine. It was all wonderful! The feedback we had from our guests was positive which made us very happy. A heart background thank you! We will always recommend the PRT !!!

Leonor e Paulo


A vossa dedicação, empenho e profissionalismo fizeram do nosso dia um dia único…

Tudo estava perfeito… Obrigada à equipa do Plaza Ribeiro Telles Centro de Eventos.

Filipa and Sancho


Simply LOVE IT! - us and all the guests who were treated so well and had so much fun! The venue is beautiful and complete, for weddings and for any other type of events! It has the green, the spacious rooms, the cozy and fresh patios ... We started by the ceremony in the garden, so rustic and romantic! Afterwards, the whole party, from cocktail to dance, through dinner, ran divinally because everything was very well made, arranged and harmonious. It was very well appreciated by all. Last but not least, the employees and the team that heads this place and its events are of a professionalism and attention that is not very common either. They were always present, until the last second of the party, always very dedicated, making sure all the time that everything would go well! Thank you very much, neither we or our family and friends will ever forget that day of "Paradise" in our lives!

Sofia and Samuel


A dream place to marry? We don’t know if it exists, what we know is that there is a place where the details count, where they make us dream and they give us, through the experience, good taste, and much affection, that one of the happiest days of our lives is memorable for us and for our dear ones - this place is the Plaza Ribeiro Telles Events Center. Thank you for everything!

Ana and Pedro


If perfection exists, of course it exists! We thank you on behalf of our parents and guests for the excellent day you have given us! Everything was perfect, thought to the detail .... The professionalism, commitment, rigor and dedication allowed our day to be simply unforgettable, to the point of wanting to repeat it. Well there is Plaza Ribeiro Telles Events Center !!!


Revista Independente Dos Profissionais de Logística

Back in the office and with many open themes ... It was two very intense days but very rewarding for us. I want to thank once again all the availability and the usual sympathy, the Plaza Ribeiro Telles decisively helped make our event a success.



It was a pleasure to organize our meetings in your" home ". For months we will always remember with a smile. We were 200 that month after month, we passed by, always well received and surprised with varied menus. The facilities are magnificent and very welcoming. The Plaza Ribeiro Telles - Events Center will always be at the top of our list. A big hug and see you soon

Ana Fontoura

Gabinete de Comunicação Fidelidade

Foi um prazer organizar as nossas reuniões na sua “casa”.

O Plaza Ribeiro Telles - Centro de Eventos estará sempre no top da nossa lista.

Marta Oliveira Martins

Dep. de Comunicação Secil

Em nome da Secil não queria deixar de agradecer à organização da Plaza Ribeiro Telles o excelente serviço prestado. O serviço de catering superou as expectativas.



It was a great pleasure to work in such a beautiful space, so well decorated, so versatile and comfortable and especially to have people so friendly, efficient and available. In fact, the entire team of Plaza Ribeiro Telles, showed full availability and flexibility and always with a smile on their face. The catering, of excellent quality and that pleased so much to all the guests (I only have the complaint of I have gained 2 kg in this action), adapted to all the changes of schedules and number of people. Always well-disposed and friendly staff. That was the feeling I spent all these days at Plaza Ribeiro Telles - I felt at home and this ... it's VERY GOOD !!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Christian Dior


Thank you in advance for all your hospitality and availability, without you the event would not have been perfect! Everything went beautifully, the team loved the space and the Catering. I especially want to thank you for the untiring help in organizing this event, and perfectly interpreted and materialized all our needs and ideas! A big thank you for your availability and friendliness. I hope I can organize more events in your space!